Now it seems things aren’t going too well for Sanchez at Emirates and he thinks he might have joined the wrong club/manager?! If only he’d made the decision to join LFC, then Ayres would not have gotten that waste of space Mario Balotelli…

Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez, 27, has revealed he argues with manager Arsene Wegner over the amount of playing time he gets. (Daily Star)


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He Certainly has mate, I cannot imagine a team which has Ozil and Sanchez in the same team is struggling to score goals and win games, Imagine what Klopp and co can do with either of those players, having said that our strikers(Sturridge and Ben) have not hit the peak yet, if Sturridge can get better, our season will end up beautifully ..


Arsenal are like an orchestra with too many conductors and not enough musicians. I really thought they would be champions this season but they have been the same old flawed Arsenal and have a lot to do to overtake Leicester and Spurs. Sanchez should have joined Liverpool where he would have been a hero. I hope his wife is enjoying the shopping in London – that seemed to be the main reason he went to the Gunners.


She would have had more money to shop with if they came to LFC. He turned down a bigger offer from us so she could live in London


Well you decisions in life, they are good or bad, and his was a bad un Mer fool him