Liverpool and Southampton have today agreed a fee of 34m for for the transfer of Sadio Mane.

Big money people, is he worth it?


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With the exit of Sterling and the indifferent form of Ibe I think securing a pacy wide attacker was a priority for Klopp. Mane can also play as a central striker, if needed. Right now cross-border transfers are more precarious than usual so I can see Klopp and FSG being prepared to pay a small premium to secure the type of player they want from within the UK. £34m may seem steep at first but in the circumstances it’s probably around the right level.


I honestly don’t think anything under £40m is going to be all that “big” anymore. With the TV money coming in “40 will be the new 20-25”.
A big transfer will be 45-50 or more as other leagues hold players ransom to big money buyouts.
I suspect (if legal) contracts in other leagues will even start incorporating a dual buyout clause. A lower/reasonable amount for continental moves, and a higher/premium amount for PL moves


30M+ players is becoming the norm. We have Benteke, Firmino and now Mane. I don’t know how we’re going to lineup but we all know Mane has potential to be a big player if he can develop consistency. I’d play Mane/Sturridge/Firmino with Coutinho behind and Hendo/Milner and Can/Lucas in midfield.