I’m going to try something new to defeat this virus on my computer. Hey Kop, Hop, Warrior, Music Man and the rest of the group. Been sick again (the allergies are getting worse – curse of aging) and didn’t feel like fighting the computer and that blasted ‘auto-correct’ time and again. Using Word to create doc then coping it into the post for Kopfans. Been following the pre-season games and it seems like the second-half team is better organized and more energetic that the first half team. Now I’m just an American futbol hick from Buffalo NY, but, why not start Ings and Woodburn in the first half of the next game? It is just practice isn’t it?? Just to see what happens.

Also been reading the LFC fan sites and I noticed something that is happening regularly and no one seems to care or notice. New “fans” get on these sites and initially praise Klopp and his style of management but sooner or later these “fans” begin to question the purpose and vision of the current management (everyone FSG to Klopp) because we are not able to spend on a par with Manure, City, Chelsea, etc. Seems odd to denigrate the manager BEFORE the season starts. It’s rarely a recognizable regular, only a seemingly enraged troll. Why is it that Liverpool always gets this sort of attention and we do not hack other teams sites (!??). Is this another English futbol custom I’m unfamiliar with? Having said that, I, of course, want to make a complaint (ha). Why spend all that time and energy on attempting to get Mr. Zielinski (for 11.7 M) but were not willing to pay a premium for him and are now willing to pay 25 M pounds for Georginio Wijnaldum? If Zielinski was your first choice, why not just pay the premium and get the better player at a lower cost? I obviously have something wrong so please explain (in words of one syllable) where I went wrong.

Finally a preseason where the team does not look like it forgot how to play the manager’s brand of footy. It’s refreshing to see the same style and energy we watched in May, being played in July. Keep this up and by golly we will have a real team, able to challenge for the title. Wait, why do we say that – “challenge for the title”? I don’t want to challenge for the title in August, I want to be fighting for the title in MAY.

What say you? YNWA!


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I was a bit surprised we chased Zielinski who seems a bit lightweight and feel Wijnalden would be a much better fit for Liverpool if indeed his arrival is imminent. A midfielder who can score is always useful.


From what Klopp has said it sounds like we want players hungry for LFC. So if Zielinski wasn’t (thought he was pictured in LFC shirt in May???) then we aren’t going to chase.
I think we chase a little bit the flirting better turn to more than that for reciprocation.
With as hard as Klopp is working them, they better have the hunger


Good to see you on sage, sorry your not feeling well mate, hope you get better soon.
I think some fans have seen klopps interview the other day when he basicaly said that he can’t get any top players in or at least household names and that dosen’t sit to well with some people. I’m of the opinion that we have to trust klopps judgement and believe that whoever he brings in is good enough to play for LFC. I do understand people’s frustrations though, we all want the big names at LFC but without european football even a manager that’s as highly regarded as klopp is will struggle to get those players onboard, it’s a sad reality for us i’m afraid.

Hi all, its really amazing and true critics you said on “fans”, I will take a simple eg ” SAKHO ” when he was suspected and banned for the low fat cream he used which was said as a doping case many had already out their guns and were ready or had shot on him ,all kind of said and thoughts we have heard ,read and watched, at the end when he was cleared by UEFA, the matter done only once in a small corner on the middle page of newspapers or on flash news on tv and those who criticized him had made Uturn on their said . All I want to say, 1st, the new generation fans want all quick and faster , they judge everything without any consideration and come to a conclusion with a negative thoughts. 2nd, the world of football has been so developed that its not only a sport but a big business with big big sum of money involved and we all know where there is that kind of things PROFIT is god. 3rd is EGO , they cant accept to see rivals do something better than them eg, Mancs had bought so… Read more »

There is some degree of impatience in the fans who “want it now”.
But I think there is also some degree of appreciating reality in some fans, who see every season not in the top 4 as more than just one season away from returning. It seems to snowball and become tougher and tougher if you don’t have that position as a habit