So you’ve all probably read about the instagram exchange between Skrtel and one of his friends, where they take a shot and call Klopp a perjorrative term. (The friend said it but Skrtel agreed and said he hoped Klopp saw it). 

I’m not posting it here to discuss it as much as I’m posting it as a lead in to a couple tweets or posts about it that I found hilarious. 

Conor @Fisher_LFC

@DaveOCKOP @empireofthekop Ironic considering his head resembles a huge bellend.

7:10 AM – 29 Jun 2016

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Yorgos/LFC – ‏@yorgoslfc

@empireofthekop this was low quality from #Skrtel. As low as his playing quality

6:07 AM – 29 Jun 2016

Ben – *************

Guys Skrtel was trying to defend klopp but I think we’re all aware he’s not very good at defending.

6:16 AM – 29 Jun 2016


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Brilliant, the first one about his head resembling a bellend, hilarious and spot on.
We can take it for granted that he’s gone so good luck to him but i’d rather he left on good terms but some players just can’t accept rejection, especialy when it’s justified, close the door behind you mate.


Against Germany, Skrtel & Slovakia showed they could do some nice defensive work at a less frenetic pace so a Turkish side may get a couple of years out of Skrtel’s work-rate yet. So good luck and sweet memories, Martin!