We’re halfway through the season, in 2nd place and played some amazing football this season.  At the beginning of the season, we would all be happy with a top4 win but there could be higher aspirations which should be exciting but I am not feeling it at the moment.  Maybe a win tomorrow will change that but I wish at this point I believed.  

With all the focus on Pep at City, Utd’s spending, Arsenal spending on a cb ans st and Spurs vast improvement the competition is fierce but it’s Chelsea and us who have been surprising.  The lack of European football is certainly a factor.  Perhaps my lack of belief is because of results like Bournemouth, Sunderland and Burnley. 

It’s gonna be quite a journey if we go all the way but hopefully we’ll be able to make it win our first PL title.


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At this point in the season it’s all about staying in the mix, being within touching distance of the title, which we are. We have gone through a sticky patch, with injuries and poor performances, and we’ve managed to pull out a decent result against United which has kept us in the mix. So, considering all that’s happened, we are in a very good position. It’ll be tough for any team to beat Chelsea to the title this season but if we don’t we’ve got a good chance of finishing top four which should give us greater leverage to bring in better players next season and thus allow us to be more competitive. All in all, things are still very positive for us.


On paper, we have a really good run-in but first let’s take care of swansea tomorrow, a win and we beat the saints and wolves in our cup games will set us up very nicely for the chelsea match, it’s all about getting back a winning mentality and boosting confidence but like i said, let’s get the 3 points tomorrow first and for-most.