I’m not whether i’m looking forward to this game or dreading it given our recent record against the saints but that should give our lads more motivation to do better this time around. We owe them one bigtime and i think we’ll repay them in kind tomorrow.

Onto the team, i’d really like to see sturridge start, i think he looked lively when he came on against watford and let’s face it, Origi has been awful this past few game, studge starts for me. Not sure on the fitness of coutinho, it was only a dead leg and a week ago now so i’m sure he’ll be good to go. Lallana starts as well seen he got game time last week and also looked very sharp, my team for tomorrow would be, 


                                                                                     clyne    matip    lovren    milner

                                                                                    Wjinaldum        Can      Lallana

                                                                                     firmino       sturridge     coutinho

Think this will be pretty close to the team klopp puts out with maybe ?s over studge and coutinho. Another cup final for the lads, our 3rd last and so far their doing very well, best of luck RedMen.


  1. Huytonian

    I can’t argue with that team other than having Can as the central holding midfielder. We really need 3 points from this one as West Ham, who we play next, looked very solid in beating Spurs last night and we will do well to get 3 points at their ground.

    1. warrior18 Post author

      Yeah, for sure mate, i’ll switch Can into the middle, maybe put wjinaldum on the left with lallana on the right, which ever way i think that’ll be our midfield.
      Excellent result for westham, didn’t see the game but that’s a great result for them considering the form spurs have been in, a very dodgy away game for us next week, puts that little bit of extra pressure on us to beat the saints at home tomorrow.

  2. RedUncle

    To be honest, even if players like Sturridge and Coutinho can only manage one half we should have enough talent available now to not call injuries an excuse. The keeper and the back four pretty much pick themselves, which is a good thing at this stage of the season, and Klopp has got numerous options in midfield and attack, although much will be determined by match fitness. As for our mentality, all the noises coming from the team seem to indicate they’re well aware of the importance of this game regarding the league and there’s a real desire to avenge for our cup exit so I’ll be amazed if we see another Palace-like performance. The one thing that does concern me a little is if we can’t break Southampton down in the first half and then the fans start getting a bit jittery in the second half. That could transfer to the players who then start to force things maybe leaving holes. If we can get a couple of goals in the first half I’ll feel much more at ease when the break comes.

    1. warrior18 Post author

      I don’t want us to panic, let’s keep the ball and get our passing game going straight away, look calm and assured. We know we’ll have most of the possession, just need to bide our time and not think we have to score asap. Saints have nothing to play for and maybe on their hols and from what’s been said there’s unrest in their camp. We need these points so much more and plus we owe them one bigtime and i think this will show tomorrow, home win but may not be pretty which wouldn’t bother me in the slightest so long as we get the 3points.

  3. Simply Red

    What a disaster, what I can’t understand, soton`s 2nd corner I counted 7 of them in the box, Migs catches the cross and holds onto the ball till all 7 are back behind the half way line. Why why didn’t the team move faster on the counter. Soton didn’t come to play football they came to spoil the party. One last thing Milner had to have a penalty saved eventually and with all that intimidation he got perhaps some one else should have taken it

  4. Simply Red

    Am disappointed not only in the result but also in Southampton because they didn’t come to play football but park busses. Thought they had more gumption than that. Liverpool will have to find a way through bus teams

  5. RedUncle

    Typical, the one game Milner has a penalty saved after scoring them all season (it wasn’t a particularly bad penalty, in all honesty). To blame Milner for the result would be unfair as the team as a whole created hardly anything. The game was flat from the start and only came to life in the last twenty minutes. It seems to be without Mane we don’t have an injection of pace so things are very much a single tempo. Coutinho looked like he still couldn’t run properly, Firmino kept giving away possession and Origi was pretty anonymous.

    If anyone can work out Klopp’s substitution strategy please let me know. He gives his players so little time to play themselves into the game, by the time they start having an effect on the match it’s over. He’s been doing it all season and I don’t quite get it. At half time this matching was screaming for someone to inject a bit of creativity into it yet a substitution wasn’t made until around the seventieth minute.

    I’m not entirely surprised with this result though. Over recent matches we’ve done just enough to get over the line, a well-organised team always stood a chance of frustrating us and Southampton have done that to us all season. At least we got a point, unlike against Palace, which might turn out to be crucial.

    1. warrior18 Post author

      I think that was foster’s 9th pen this season so far and he bloody well waits until we get one to make his only save.
      I too am baffled by the sub situation, sturridge and lallana should have started the 2nd half, we needed their pace and trickery to try and get pass their bus, like you say, klopp has been leaving it far too late in games when making substitutions, why, god and he only know.
      Thankfully we got a point as arsenal beating them bailed us out somewhat, a draw and a win in our last two games and it’s job done.

  6. DB-99

    I’m just glad we didn’t lose today. I find myself asking are we just lacking quality? are the players not good? look at some of the performances Firmino has had, Coutinho’s quality, Lallana’s been in some of the form of his life, Sturridge’s quality is undeniable, but when you look at the counter attacking opportunities squandered today, it’s clear that these players are suffering from tiredness. We don’t have a squad that can cope with the injuries we have and that has taken a toll on our key players where they’re just exhausted from having it all to do on their own. One thing though, is that I can’t remember a time when Clyne delivered a good cross into the box which is so frustrating because he bombs up and down that right flank so well.

    1. warrior18 Post author

      I think it’s a bit of both mate, they do look worn out now but there also not top quality players, dam good players but not top quality, hopefully we can get better players in during this summers window.

  7. lanoisseforp

    Milner has been our rock through out this season and has converted many crucial penalties for us. Today wasn’t his day and their keeper made an excellent save plus he should have been book for the intimidation towards Milner because it’s a form of cheating. I still have Milner down as my first choice penalty taker.

    Correct and it is mind boggling when it comes to Klopp’s substitution strategies especially when he took off Lucas which to me was playing a solid game. I think Firmino (or Coutinho) should have been replaced by Lallana and Sturridge should have been on the start instead of Origi.

    It was a frustrating result and this point may end up being crucial at the end of the season. However, we have put ourselves in a very tight corner on the PL table and we’re facing a daunting trip to London next week against West Ham and is a must win game especially we have been poor against them in the past few seasons. In other words have to win the last two games to secured fourth place for the CL.

    At the moment Arsenal are deadlocked with Manure and I hoping for an Arsenal win to keep Manure out of the Top Four race.

        1. RedUncle

          That’s two lucky bailouts we’ve been given now. If we squander this latest reprieve we really don’t deserve Champions League football, it’s not like we haven’t had the chances to qualify.

  8. Huytonian

    I thought we were looking mentally tired. I couldn’t understand why Lallana could not have started after playing 75 minutes at Watford, nor why substitutions were not made at half time. With the injuries we have had this season there has been little opportunity to give players a rest. Wijnaldum looks like he could do with one as do Firmino and Milner (is a tired Milner better than a fresh Moreno?) However I wouldn’t blame Milner for the penalty miss as he hit it well enough – it was just a brilliant save.
    I’m looking for positives and the only ones I can find are the fact that Mignolet was never troubled and Sturridge looked lively when he came on and gave us an element of unpredictability. Grujic was unlucky with his header at the end and I’m wondering just what he might have contributed over the second half of the season but for his early season injury.

    1. RedUncle

      What Milner has done this season is pretty remarkable really. He’s not a young player yet he’s been nearly everpresent, he’s had to take on the captaincy for a large part of the season, he’s played in a new position and done very well – a position that means he has to cover a lot of ground and switch regularly between offensive and defensive mindsets, and he had a 100% penalty-taking record until yesterday. He won’t get LFC player of the season but in reality there’s a strong case he should. It’s hardly surprising he’s starting to feel the effects of the season now and probably could do with a spell on the bench but I just don’t think Klopp trusts Moreno at this pivotal time.

      Most of this season we’ve struggled to keep a clean sheet because we’ve been so attacking but I think the balance has swung too far the other way now. In our effort to avoid conceding soft goals we’ve become too guarded and predictable. Although tiredness – both mental and physical – is undoubtedly playing a role we’re also missing imaginative runs and changes in pace. It’s no surprise games come alive when Sturridge and Lallana come on, they’re two players with these missing elements. I also can’t see the point in putting Grujic on for fleeting appearances. He’s obviously got ability but he’s young and less likely to have an instant impact than an experienced player. Give him a half rather than just ten or twenty minutes so that he can adjust to his teammates and the game.

  9. lanoisseforp

    I didn’t want to make a new post… it appears (rumored) that LFC are the favorites to sign Michael Keane from Burnley with the fee of £25M for a central defender… A four year deal is on the table. I don’t know much about this guy but I hear he supposed to be good.

    This means Sakho will be sold this summer to recoup whatever he is worth? £25 M from Palace? Our interest in Southampton’s Van Dijk is not happening because their of £50 M is too high? to be honest it’s a crazy price.

    Most importantly… Hope Flanno will come home for the new season because he can cover any position in the defense plus give Clyne a run for his money. Plus a new left back is required so Milner can be deployed at midfield.

    1. Huytonian

      If anyone is going to give Clyne competition next season I think it will be Alexander-Arnold rather than Flanno. This boy potentially has everything required to become a top class right back. He was superb again last evening against Everton U23 mainly in his defensive duties but he scored with a great finish from a difficult angle. He’s quick, he reads the game well, he can put in a good cross and he scores goals. As a bonus he also takes a wicked free kick. He just needs to mature a bit physically and to continue to learn and he will become top class. Grujic also gave a really strong performance against the Toffees and I’m looking forward to seeing him more in the first team next season. I reckon he will challenge for Wijnaldum’s place.