Lge cup semi-final time with a trip to the saints. Encouraging to hear that coutinho will be in the squad but can’t see him starting, maybe the last 15-20minutes. I think we should play our strongest 11 seen that it’s a cup semi-final and i say that because i’m reading people calling for some of the kids to play, no chance, we’re two legs away from wembly so for me klopp plays our strongest available team, you can bet southampton will. Not sure on the fitness of matip and hendo but think milner is good to go, so going by what we have available to start, my team would be, 


                                                            clyne    lovren      klavan   milner

                                                              lallana          can        wijnaldum


                                                                         studge       origi

If hendo is fit i’d have him in before can and if matip is fit him before klavan, otherwise this would be my starting 11, no kids in sight you might notice. This team should be more than enough for the win, famous last words.


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I think Klopp will take the tournament more seriously now, I don’t think there will be any kids in the starting line-up at least. There are rumours he might go with Sturridge and Origi up front in a pair but I don’t know if that’s just talk. The three main aims are to get a good result to take into the second leg, to get a good result to take into the United game, and to not get anymore injuries.


It’s not often a game leaves me feeling angry but that one has. We could easily have lost that five nil and that still wouldn’t be flattering Southampton. Players like Sturridge, Can and Lucas, who want more first team time, did absolutely nothing to deserve it. It’s rare we play that badly we revert to a back three in an effort to get more players forward. Only Karius comes away with any credit, ironically. I can’t quite see what excuse we can have for that performance, I look forward to hearing what the manager and players have to say.


That was our worst performance since Burnley but thanks to Karius we are still in with a decent chance of a trip to Wembley. I think any team would struggle without four of its best players. We’ve done ok without 2 for a few weeks but being without 4 really affected our game. Hopefully Hendo, Matip and Coutinho will not take too long to get back into form otherwise we will be struggling to make top 4 never mind top spot. Its games like this that demonstrate where we fall short as a squad and I can see four areas that need strengthening – central defence, left back, defensive midfield and wide attacker. It looks like we will have to wait for the summer but hopefully Klopp is scouting these positions.