If spurs win today and we win our 2 games in hand we could be just 2 points behind the scum. Can we do it?  I think we can, catch the scum, I don’t think we can catch city though. But the top four will not matter if we can get past Dortmund, which is definitely possible, in light of our first leg result, we would be favourites to win the Europa league. What a brilliant end to the season that would be. Finish 5th in the league and win the Europa. Come on spurs do us a favour, we are not done yet. BELIEVE.



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That is the dream finish right now.
Given one choice or the other, of course I choose European silverware, which nicely brings CL next season.
Would that knock the fourth place PL team out of the CL if we got the auto bid for EL champs?


Let’s get passed Dortmund first, then we can work on getting into the final.


Saw the Everton Manager watching the game yesterday, he definitely needs those three points , we need to use this momentum to win as many matches we can, we just need to take one match at a time… I am already feeling good about this season let’s keep going YNWA


Yes, the priority is the Europa Cup, then finishing above the devils or maybe even above Citeh if they slip up! The devils are going through a scoring drought which is the best opportunity for LFC to overtake them!!


They talk about some matches being six pointers, well the Dortmund match is now a twelve pointer for us, so much depends on the outcome of that game. At this stage in the season it’s all about momentum, just look at Leicester, and if we beat Dortmund I think the lift it would give the squad would make taking the EL title a realistic possibility as well as beating Everton. It then comes down to whether others in the league slip up which, of course, is beyond our control. If we beat Dortmund, though, the likelihood of things going our way greatly increases, if we lose then the opposite could happen.


Spot on, for me this dortmund game is our biggest game so far this season, we beat them and it “could” be the catalyst to a great finish to our season as in we go on a winning streak, here’s hoping and some praying as well.


With the exception of the second half at Southampton we have been consistently good in recent matches which bodes well for the rest of the season and beyond. I’m not getting carried away just yet as there have been too many disappointments in recent seasons and Dortmund are a very good team – Klopp reckons in the top 5 in Europe. A win on Thursday would really set us up for the Europa and a strong PL finish. A defeat would present a real test of character for the remaining PL matches. It’s probably our most important game of the season.