I’ve just read Origi had an operation on his knee in Belgium on Friday.  It wasn’t major surgery but enough to keep him out for another 4 weeks.  I also read Sturridge will miss the Arsenal and Utd games so there’s no sign of his return yet.  It seems imperative we sign a striker in this window even if it is on loan.


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it is very important, but I don’t think Klopp is very convinced with the strikers available in the market and they will wait till the last moment but then we are going to risk so many crucial matches without a striker…. 😡


I think Klopp as lost patients with Sturidge, if he dose not shape up by the end of the season I think he will be sold, but who would buy him with his track record of being injury prone. Don’t think Klopp will rush in to buy if he thinks their are no available strikers who he fancies, think he will wait for the right type of player who will fit his style of play.

Simply Red

Seems like if he can’t get what he wants then he won’t buy and will make do with what he’s got. Benteke is an expensive lesson. We need a good striker desparately. We could be seeing the young guns chucked in the deep end


Why throw away good money at someone he doesn’t want?
LFC (as well as other clubs) have spent too much on players just to be spending, without them ever be the rise in quality we need.
I think Klopp knows he was handicapped this season by BR and the transfer committees dealings and start to the season. He will not want to repeat their mistakes.
Why fill the squad with more strikers unless they are at a pedigree that replaces what we have?
And are there any of them available??