For a while it appeared that Daniel was being primed for disposal in January or next summer.  This still might be the case, but, I think with the Ings injury, his place here at LFC has solidified (somewhat) once again.  With Coutinho possibly leaving, it might be too much change for Jurgen to handle and he could keep Daniel for another year.  Yet again, (I love arguing with myself) selling Daniel and Phil would bring in over 100 mil and enable Klopp to basically fund a second eleven for the CL (we ARE going to qualify).  A firm rotation would be enviable and give us an opportunity to succeed on both league and CL levels.  As a Reds fan I hate talking about such things, but then I think, “would I rather be a Manure fan, trying to figure out how to utilize Ibra and Pogman?”  Nah!  YNWA.


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Not in a million years will klopp allow studge or the count to leave, our owners would for the right price, we’ve seen that before. I think studge might force a move as he dosen’t come across as the type to be happy sitting on the bench collecting his massive wage each week but he has to realise that klopp is all about work ethic, work hard and improve you’re chances of getting into the first 11, unfortunately for studge he dosen’t work hard and hence why he’s a bencher.


The game has changed so much from hard work to getting games easily and what happened to the good old fashioned football with work ethic at training? Craig Johnston said it best “to win the shirt is victory” because he trained so hard to get a place in the first 11 for a game… to me that is work ethic and dedication.

The problem with players of not getting a game these days because they expected to be picked all the time but it doesn’t work that way under the eyes of Klopp and if Daniel Sturridge has an issue with this… he will be sold and we’ll move on from there… Either man up or get the f— out instead of being a drama queen.

If we decide to sell the Count… £200M + LS7… the ball is in Barcelona’s court