I’ve read that PSG are interested in buying Daniel Sturridge in the summer as Ibrahimavic and Cavarni are likely to leave.  The reported bid is £45 or £50 million depending on which report you read.  Would you sell Sturridge to PSG for a good price?  I certainly wouldn’t want him going to another Premier League Club.  Would I want to sell him at all?  I’m not sure but if he doesn’t improve by the end of the season it might be worth letting him go.  You can buy a pretty decent striker for £45-£50 million and one that doesn’t spend most of the season on the treatment table.


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His skills are pure class.
I often wonder if his fitness would improve in a less strenuous league with better weather.
I can’t see anybody offering that kind of money for him. And I wouldn’t let him go to other PL.
but IF we had to lose him, I think we’re better positioned to than we have been in last couple seasons. Origi looks like he could partner with most any quality striker. Ings could fit this system well. And Firmino is banging in goals.
None (few are) are as class as Sturridge. But we could survive it now since we’ve adapted without him so much.
We will have to spend more than that 45-50 to replace him though because there is going to be a 1/4 to 1/2 extra premium required on PL transfers by clubs outside the PL


A player, especially a striker, should never be sold unless an equivalent or better is virtually lined up to replace them. We haven’t always done this in the past, much to our cost. The question is who is out there, and more importantly available, who could fill Sturridge’s boots should he leave? Few players with equivalent skill leap to mind. Much depends on his fitness between now and the end of the season – should he stay fit there is little reason in moving him, if he breaks down again there’s little chance in moving him on for any decent fee.


UncleRed, I agree


Agree I’d keep him. He is quality when match fit and ticking


I love sturridge, there’s no doubting his class when he’s fully fit but there lies the problem, he’s rarely fully fit and we simply can’t carry on paying a player 150 grand a week for lying on treatment tables for most of a season. If some club is willing to pay us 45-50 mill for him it’s an offer that simply can’t be refused but as sam has said only if we can get better in to replace him, otherwise we keep him and try and get him on a pay as you play contract.


Don’t think he would earn that type of money else where with his fitness record