Looking at Sturridge’s performances since coming on in the Watford and Soton game together with his performances on international break I feel like Klopp needs to figure a way out to put him in the first 11.  While Firmino gives us industry, pressing and counter pressing, Sturridge adds star quality and creativity.  The two samba boys have a good chemistry but Coutinho and Sturridge and Mane can combine more effectively in my opinion.  Definitely in the bigger games it makes sense for Firmino to give that work ethic but Sturridge has the ability to change a game in a moment that doesn’t come as easily to Bobby.  

Sturridge looks to be in great form at the moment.  His first touches, overall ground coverage and general creativity is on another level to Firmino.  In the games coming up against teams that’s going to sit back and defend with 10 behind the ball, I think there’s a legitimate case for starting Sturridge.   I’d drop Wijnaldum and put Coutinho in midfield and go with Studge, Firmino and Mane upfront.  Coutinho, Lallana and Henderson in midfield.


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He’s still the best finisher in the squad. I hope the rumours about him leaving aren’t true. Even if his time this season is limited I can see big roles for him and Origi next season when we will surely be back in Europe.

If Mane is going to the Africa Cup of Nations I would’ve thought Sturridge is in line for more game time. I think Klopp has a couple of issues with Sturridge. Firstly, it’s questionable whether he presses oppositions enough. Firmino, in comparison, is an incredibly hard worker when he hasn’t got the ball. Secondly, Sturridge has developed a frustrating habit of wandering when he hasn’t seen the ball for a while. It’s not uncommon to see him as far back as the halfway line in his efforts to get a touch of the ball but I doubt Klopp wants to see him there. Having said that, I have sympathy with Sturridge because he’s always been a player who needs to build up momentum and only come on for bits of games hasn’t allowed him to build up any rhythm. I wonder whether it might be worth starting him in some games, giving him until half time, if he’s not clicking take him off but if he is give him a good 80 to 90 minutes. He needs to feel he’s stamped himself onto a game. If he was to be let go to another club it would prove what a… Read more »