Is there any truth to the rumour that the so-called “suspicious package” found at Old Trafford that caused them to abandon the game on Sunday was really only a classy, respectful and intelligent Man Utd fan? And because he was all those things no one believed possible so it aroused suspicion?

Sorry to make light of it as even if it was nothing at all it still is a serious issue in the times we live in. But I couldn’t resist taking a swipe at those who sing disgraceful songs about our club, and follow a team that has manipulated the FA and PL for so many years. 

So what is your hunch? What else would fall under the category of a “suspicious package” at Old Trafford?


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Must be left by fans disgruntled with LVG; nothing for devils to play for this season except for pride and long lost bragging rights which have moved to the Etihad! 😉