Late posting this so i’ll make it short. Not sure on the matip situation but if that’s sorted out in time then he starts in my team, i’m also going to start with studge, not a popular choice i’m sure with some but for me we can’t escape from the fact that, on his day, he’s class and will score goals with our best players around him and as far as i can see we’re back to full strenght besides mane. My team for this game would be, 


                                                                      clyne        lovren    matip     milner

                                                                          lallana    hendo    wijnaldum

                                                                          firmino     studge    coutinho

I know some of these players could be a doubt fitness wise but if all are cleared this team should be more than too much for the swans, yes, their fighting relegation and therefor could be dangerous but their shipping 3-4-5 goals a game recently so if we’re on our game this could be a very comfortable day for the reds.

P.S, just reading that matip has been cleared to play so for me he starts tomorrow, he’s obviously been training so there shouldn’t be any fitness issues with him.


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Disappointing but other results are softening the blow , team didnt play well, but when will the home crowd realise silence doesnt help. Get behind the team when they need you , supposed to be the 12th man , for years now the home crowds been a joke, onlty raising the roof on european nights. Away support is very vocal ,but at home nothing ,

I agree with what’s been said about the atmosphere. I listened to the game on the radio, until I could get home and watch it on the tv, and from the singing of YNWA up until after the first Firmino goal the Anfield crowd could not be heard at all. If it wasn’t for the Swansea fans singing I’d have thought there was a technical fault in the broadcast. This is beyond a joke now. Everyone blames everyone else for the lack of atmosphere, and the manager seems to bring it up on a weekly basis, but if you’ve got a ticket you’ve got the responsibility, no-one else. We can’t complain about away fans singing about the lack of atmosphere if when they stop singing the stadium falls silent. Quite frankly, we’re an embarrassment. As for the players, with the exception of Can all these players have had good spells this season so the issue isn’t necessarily about ability. I single out Can because he’s been particularly poor in recent games and he just hasn’t settled back into the team. If we’re being honest we’ve been off the boil for a while and I don’t think there’s a single cause… Read more »

I think we’ll get our wish about Matip starting against Saints as he played 60 minutes for the U23’s today. He was barely tested but looked his usual composed self apart from one under hit back pass. Watching the U23’s was a good antidote to the first team’s performance yesterday. Ben Woodburn was playing in midfield and ran the game despite it being a new position for him. He then moved to central striker for the last 15 minutes, scored, hit the post and forced two outstanding saves. How good is he going to be! Congratulations too to Rhian Brewster scoring on his U23 debut and having a lively game.