I wonder what the future holds for Sturridge?  Is the signing of Mane the start of his exit?  Will we play Mane on the wing, play him with Daniel in a two striker formation, or play him as a lone striker?  We now have six bodies that can fill the striker position and by my reckoning, that is two too many!  I know thatI sound like an old woman but like many a fan, I hate to see see a favorite player phased out.  Once Benteke is gone and we start Mane and Firmino on the wings, we will have one hell of a strike force.  Mane plays better when he plays on the left and drives in towards the middle forcing defenders to make decisions.  So does Daniel.  Sooner or later Klopp will have to make a decision about who he wants to keep going forward and if he signs another winger with Miller and Ibe available, then I will start to wonder! 


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I reckon benteke has one foot out the door sage and i think we should definitely keep sturridge.Klopp is probably assuming that sturridge will miss some of the season but he also knows sturridge is top quality so i feel he’ll keep him.


I don’t see any immediate issues with Sturridge if and when Mane signs. Mane generally plays wide while Sturridge as we saw last night is a central striker not a wide man. In the longer term Sturridge’s Liverpool future depends on his fitness and form.


SMane is not a pure NO9 , he like to play in the mid front to back the strikers and on the sides ,so imo SM will be in compet with more ALallana ,Couti,Firmino likes than the sole striker. Saints played PELE as his sole point striker and SM as all rounder to support him .


To me the only thing that stops Sturridge is his own fitness. That AND. A poor English midfield of Rooney and Wilshere behind him not creating any chances.
He is the single biggest threat goal-wise from England when fit and in the mood, and we can’t let him go in my opinion.
As good as our other strikers and front men might be, I don’t think anybody else in our squad, including Coutinho, I stills fear in the opposing defenses as much (or in some cases at all) compared to Sturridge


Hope Klopp now identifies a good Left Back to provide competition for Moreno. With Lucas Leiva and Skrtel also leaving, I believe we’ll see a couple more signings before the new season starts!