If you’d asked me at the beginning of season whether Steven Gerrard should join the Liverpool training staff after finishing his stint with LA Galaxy I’d have said it was a no-brainer, of course he should. Yet now the time has come for Gerrard to finally finish his playing career I find I’m not so certain as I once was.

It’s nothing to do with Stevie G, I still respect him as much as I ever did, it’s more to do with the dynamic within the club. At the moment the overall balance between the players and the coaches is right, in my opinion. Klopp has got the right mix of encouragement and discipline off the pitch whereas Henderson, as captain, has got the right mix of encouragement and discipline on the pitch. It’s a fine balance that’s not always easy to reach but I’d say, given recent results, the balance is pretty much right.

The problem with Gerrard’s return is that he’s such a colossal figure both inside and outside the club. Would his presence alter the dynamic between Klopp and his players? Would him being in the dressing room alter the relationship between Henderson and his players (mentally speaking, Jordan has always seen Gerrard as his superior). I’m not for one minute suggesting Gerrard would consciously cause problems, it’s the subtle unintended consequences that worry me. The situation reminds me of when Shankly retired but kept on turning up at training. In the end he had to be told not to because it was making things difficult for Paisley. Shankly’s intentions were perfectly noble but it’s so difficult to build a team after the departure of a legend just their sheer presence can be problematic.

There have been rumours that Gerrard could join the coaching staff at Celtic, not an illogical idea given Gerrard’s good relationship with Brendan Rodgers. But the question is whether Gerrard should return to Liverpool instead? I’m completely divided on the subject but I have a niggling feeling we have a setup at the moment that is moving in the right direction and shouldn’t be interfered with.


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Agree with you 100%, gerrard or anybody else should not be introduced to our first team in any capacity whatsoever and i mean that in the nicest possible way. Everything is ticking along very very well indeed so why take the chance of adding a legend into the mix in the hope that things might get even better, it “could” be a disaster and derail all the momentum we have right now, that old expression “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it” comes to mind. Leave klopp and his team be to get on with the fantastic job their doing.
I’m all for gerrard coming onboard at some stage in the future but i would much rather he got his coaching badges and learned his trade in the lower leagues and worked his way up, prove himself in other words.
There will always be a job for gerrard at LFC but right now he’s not needed, it shouldn’t even be getting talked about, everybody’s 100% concentration should be on what’s happening right now and that goes from the top of the club right down to the tea lady.


To be fair, I dont think he would return as a first team coach, the position as I understand it would be with the young kids at the Academy, similar to Rob Jones and Robbie Fowler. Stevie G hasn’t yet got the required level of coaching badge to be involved with the first team Squad.

If that is correct then he would be invaluable both in passing on his Knowledge of the game and also the incentive of working with Stevie G might just attract the type of youngster that could replicate stevie’s rise from Academy to First team regular


Lets face it Gerrard doesnt need to work full time with the money he has accumulated,as stated before working with the Academy to inspire the young kids to improve would give him a hands on chance to coach whilst also getting his coaching qualifications. I dont think they would have to make a position for him. This is the route Patrick Vierra took with Man City. Gerard was a world class player and we shouldnt pass up the chance to try and tap into what he could offer the Academy.


Two words: Ryan Giggs.
I wouldn’t want Gerrard around laying in wait having certain people call for him whenever something doesn’t go right, just because he’s a club legend.
He earned his way as a player. He would similarly need to earn his way as a coach and manager.
If it’s his path, let him start it along with rodgers at Celtic or do something along those lines.
Personally, I’d rather he come here and be an ambassador for the club though

Simply Red

You are all making a lot of sense. Am sure that Klopp and the powers that be won’t allow disruptions


This is a different era now as Klopp said this is my team and no excuses. SG8 was from a previous era and still hold special memories when he wore the red shirt for us. The saying goes… “the horse has bolted.”

We are in the Klopp era right now it’s not a time to be sentimental… maybe a place for him in the same position as Rush, Dalglish, Fowler, etc in some form of capacity and not near the team at Melwood. This is Klopp’s house now and don’t upset the apple cart where the juicy apples are being sold. Gerrard should try his stint with Celtic as a player for the remainder of their season and learning his trade with coaching.

I will always remember Captain Fantastic close to my heart for his for his contributions but we’re in a new era for which is very important for the club and the Supporters. SG8 YNWA


I don’t see an reason to worry about Gerrard’s return (if at all)..
1. The squad is now on a forward momentum, with Sturridge on the fringe shows that there is a different mentality in the club…
2. Klop at the moment is much Bigger than Gerrard at the club he will never allow disruptions…its his team now. I suppose even Brendan felt like he was standing in his shadow..
3.Gerrard at the academy will be great both for us and SG8.He is a pro and will know how to handle it.
4. I’d prefer SG8 go and manage and coach a championship side and then come to us one day
5. As a Fan of Stevie deep down i would like for him to come to us in january and play as sub now and then and when we win the league he will get his medal…well thats just my personal fantasy.. 😎


So, it looks like gerrard has turned down the MK Dons job, not surprised really and that’s not a slight on the Dons. I don’t think he should go straight into managing, he hasn’t completed all his badges for a start and he has zero experience, i’d hate to see him fall at the first hurdle. He should complete his badges, then do a season or 2 as someone’s number two at either a lge one or championship club and only then should he come into LFC’s u17s, 18s or 23s as a coach, imo he has to gain experience elsewhere before he comes home but i have a feeling after turning down this job that he’s hoping to come straight back to the club and i’m not too sure that’s the correct thing to do.