Reds fans are torn in regards to Liverpool transfers, there are a few unhappy with the deals thus far, but there’s a feeling more are willing to let Klopp do it his way in his first full season. I am one of the latter group. But that does not mean I am satisfied with the LFC bigwigs.

Which makes it more imperative for Liverpool fans to stay calm.

It’s surprising some fans are throwing brickbats at Klopp already, questioning his buying and selling policies, some are branding Klopp as Rodgers version 2.0.

I know Liverpool and its fans are desperate for the top prizes. Agreed, Liverpool do have the means now to pay 70 million for a single signing, and yes Klopp’s presence can convince some of the best to work under him even without CL football. But genuine LFC fans know the inside story. The policies and patterns of FSG these past few years are only too obvious.

Liverpool have made it a standard to not cross the 30 million mark for a marquee player each season. I think it’s known as the ‘Andy Carroll’ ruling around Boston. And that 30 million magic number does come with T&Cs; age barrier, wage barrier, sell on values etc. If a target is found within such restrictive condition, then there’s a last hurdle is to ensure no other team is interested, because the Liverpool negotiators will not enter a bidding war. Not too many managers can and WILL work under such guidelines.

In fact there are no better managers than Klopp to work around such demands and still bring a fair amount of success. Guardiola, Moureen etc are managers who simply apply gloss to polished stones, Managers like Klopp and Simeone are the real dealers. Which is why I say a ‘fair’ amount of success because it’s being realistic. For Liverpool it should be the CL places each season.

Red fans have to accept that rather than going for Silverware by sheer brute and luck like in the past season, consistency is a far better reward. A consistent team, consistent tactics and consistent performances of individuals will force major decisions to be revised. To be fair to any business consortium, they would need consistency in their assets to invest big sums.

I would think Klopp is not as psychotic as he looks. He knows where Liverpool stands currently. He knows Liverpool need the same treatment he gave to Dortmund to convince his big bosses to change their minds in the future.

But..but..but some fans say, Dortmund was a club in obscurity, and Liverpool is already bigger brand. Branding wise maybe, but quality wise, Liverpool is way behind where their manager left his former club.

Klopp is definitely not Rodgers version whatever, since he has the guts to play an 18 year kid than to accept a ‘leftover Balotellis’ from the transfer committee’s shopping list.

In between all this there are still a few holler about some players who have or could exit Anfield. Although many will easily agree names such as Bogdan, Enrique, Illori, Wisdom, Luis Alberto, Yesil and Balotelli, are simply a mess Klopp has to clean up, there are a few favorites who are debatable.

Toure, Skrtel, Ibe, Sinclair, Rositer, and especially an emerging favorite Joe Allen are names some fans are divided on. It’s a tough one, but fans have to bite the bullet and let them go. Especially Allen.

As much as he has improved under Klopp, he will not fit into Klopp’s fast paced, forward passing attacking style. Injury being another matter altogether. Hence it’s better to cash in when he’s at his best shape now. Which should serve as a warning sign for the returning Liverpool captain; to play with pace and avoid a higher percentage of square passes.

Red fans should stop believing the media hype and take a look at the refreshed Liverpool. There is Karius to remind Mignolet from fumbling. Backed by Gomez, Lovren, Matip, Sakho,Clyne and Flanno for grit. Protected by Can, Milner, Hendo, Lucas, and Grujic. And to provide the magic, there’s Coutinho, Firmino, Sturridge, Origi, Ings and possibly Mane…(yea yea he should have caused 20 million lesser 2 years ago). So who says Liverpool are not in it to win it?

The new Liverpool are good enough to give Klopp his ‘high’ by raging on the pitch. Klopp may not do a Ranieri, because miracles don’t happen too often. But true Red fans should start getting behind Klopp right now, and enjoy it when he gives Guardiola, Moureen, Conte and the good old Wenger a run for their money.

I get the feeling the forthcoming season is going to be a lot of fun!


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Jamie (admin)

Great post mate, all dead right too. Our squad on the whole is pretty strong and will only improve under Klopp.

A few quality additions and we’re set for a promising season.


Great stuff misty, good to see you on here 😀 .
The transfer window hasn’t even officialy opened yet and we’re already busy, it’s clear what klopp is trying to do, get the players he wants in as early as possible so he can have a full pre-season with them and then unleash them on the prem next season. Those who are doubting klopp haven’t a clue about football, i completely ignore anyone who is negative towards klopp, this guy is going to bring the good times back to LFC, he almost did it last season and he only here 6 months, how much more prove do those fools need.