It is all but done and dusted for most in the PL concerning their place  

Villa has known pschologically since before Christmas and mathematically not too long after that.  Looks like Newcastle doomed themselves last week and will join them, probably along with Norwich.  Big Sam doing his job again. 

Curious your thoughts on Rafa. Should he stay there (even though he has arelegstion opt out clause) and fight to bring them back up, should he leave and look for a different opportunity, or do you not really care?

At the other end of the table I’m not sure Leicester needed much help, but the way the Spurs dropped points the last few matches was an epic collapse storyline that will only be overlooked by the story that is Leicester .

Speaking of collapses, last year’s champs Chelsea have been a humongous failure  I can only see that as some retribution for them defeating us in our recent title run.  And the karma might continue in that regard as most people’s choice to overtake Leicester “because they are the most talented team”,  Manchester City might not even finish in the top four!

Imagine Pep going there when they aren’t even in the Champions League  I would LOVE to see that happen, except for it to occur means somehow the pathetic team that is Man U passed them for the top four  

It feels like choosing your own execution method picking either Manc club for the final top four spot.  Which would you choose? Whoever it ends up being, I’m hoping we are looking down on them from our auto-qualifying spot by winning the Europa League, as they shockingly join the other Manc club in next year’s Europa League by tumbling out of the qualifying round before the season starts.


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It took 77 points to win the league this season which is quite low in comparison to previous years where 75 points is normally needed to make the top4. I was delighted to see them lift the trophy tbh. It’s still possible for Arsenal to fall out of the top4 and Utd could finish as low as 8th in their worst case scenario. I had thought that winning the EL and not finishing in the top4 would mean that we’d take the spot of the team finishing 4th or the team finishing 3rd and the 3rd place team to take the spot of the 4th place team to be pedantic… however it seems that UEFA allows max 5 teams from 1 league. It would’ve been sweet to steal CL football away from the Mancs but tbh I just hope we win the EL final. Sevilla is going to prove a really tough test but the way we’ve reached the final, coming from behind in both the quarters and semis, I hope there’s something special written in the stars…


We want Europa because it is a respectable silverware, whatever we get because of winning the EL is considered bonus, Klopp was very clear that his signings should not depend on CL qualification, whatever happens in the rest of the matches I am personally happy with this season as the future already looks bright 😀

This was the weirdest season and there is no guarantee that something like this will not happen going forward, irrespective of the transfer window, I can assure that we can challenge for the title next season, we definitely want to keep the experienced players we already have in the squad, clearly Spurs lacked the discipline and senior leadership, we don’t want that to happen with our team next season, can’t wait for the next season and transfer window to kickoff …. 😛


One thing is for certain looking forward to next season. We don’t need to go into it feeling inferior to any of our rivals. On our day we are as good as any of them and our players with a few additions can match anyone’s. Obviously fixture congestion and injuries can play a part but I’m hoping that with Klopp’s training systems kicking in from pre-season we will have fewer injuries next season. It’s too much to expect all the big teams to be quite as poor as they have been this season but they all have issues and several will have new managers to settle in unlike ours.