The Judicial department has just released the cost of the Hillsborough enquiry as over £100 million pounds, due to South Yorkshire police’s stance of challenging every line of enquiry. Now this has caused the internet newspaper websites (mostly Right wing) into a state of frenzy and once more despite the evidence to the contrary the right wing  blog muppets are depicting  the families of the 96 as money grabbing parasites, and even worse questioning their motives for the persistent campaign to bring the South Yorkshire police to justice. I enclose verbatum a blog that was in line with  the majority of comments to the daily mail’s article.

“Del Bhoy Cardiff 25 minutes ago”   Total waste of money, this enqury was always about how much compensation the families could squeeze once they could blame someone for the indiscretions of their family members .It had nothing to do with justice.

So even now after all the evidence has been put into the open and the families dead shown to bear no responsibility for Hillsborough, people still cant see that the Police bore the responsibility. Now if this had been a sun reader I could understand but the mail is a middle class newspaper. The mind boggles.


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There are some people who won’t believe in the innocence of the 96 whatever the evidence shows. Ignore them and move on, they simply aren’t worth your time. The Daily Mail is The S*n in smarter trousers – it’s every bit as vitriolic, if not more so, it just hides behind a veneer of respectability.