What is the deal with luminous yellow kits? Chelsea had one recently and others have them before that. Perhaps it’s to stop players going missing during games. Technically, this kit is not yellow, it’s described as ‘toxic thunder’ green(!). The more I think about it the more I feel that description might actually be appropriate. To be fair, once you get over the colour the kit itself is fairly inoffensive. Apart from this…

This quote can be found on the back of the shirt, right at the bottom. First off all, I can’t for the life of me work out what exactly it has to do with Liverpool Football Club. Lions? Secondly, it reads like it has been converted between languages using an online translator. Shakespeare it ain’t. It’s daft details like this that consistently plague LFC merchandise during the FSG era, silly little details which never should’ve made it into production. At least in this case if you tuck your shirt into your shorts no-one will be any the wiser. The keeper’s third kit is a nice charcoal grey, much more my taste, and it’ll come as some relief after staring at the ‘toxic thunder’ kit for ninety minutes.


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It’s a disgusting looking thing and i don’t ever recall seeing lions play football, ridiculous, i know they mean play with a big heart but it’s still embarrassing.


That’s a wild looking bizarre kit and the Lions description is odd. We’re not in Europe in this forthcoming season and there is no need for the third kit… Appears a lot of clubs releasing their third kits and I wonder why??

Flashlight appears… ah ha they want more money from the Supporters. Look it on the bright side (no pun intended) We can get used to seeing 10 Goalkeepers and 1 player between the sticks. So that’s our defense tightened up.


For me it looks more like a keeper kit than a third kit with its coloring.
I think this kit is aimed at kids age 6-15 or so as it is a popular color for them to wear.