Much has been said about the recent fixture pile up, and how British football does not have a winter break but instead a huge amount of fixtures with just days between them.

In this post I’m going to highlight some of the the pro’s and con’s of a winter break and how it could be implemented into British football.


  • Players can rest injuries and freshen up, allowing both player and team to maximise their performance.
  • Teams can have more time together to train, visit training camps or work on tactics.
  • Bad weather could be managed better, with groundsman being able to work on pitches.


  • Fixtures would be be spread across a greater time
  • Smaller clubs may lose points, the stronger teams would be allowed to regroup decreasing the chance of an upset.
  • Fans would have nothing to watch!



so how could a break be introduced? Personally I’d only have 2 weeks maximum, some leagues have more but 14 days is enough in my opinion.

As I see it there’s a few options that could allow for a break:

  1. Move international friendlies – These annoying international breaks are a real hindrance, they take momentum away from teams, injure and fatigue players. Qualifiers are of course necessary but friendlies dotted around have little benefit to international teams.  If these friendlies we’re instead played in succession at the end of the season it would allow the international squads more time together, and provide great practice heading into summer tournaments. A player may star in a January friendly, but would he be fit and available come the summer?
  2. Extend the season – A dip into the summer break may prove a solution, this may affect summer international tournament though.

After that I can’t think of too many options, you may have some answers though?


Personally I like the idea, as a fan it would be great to stop for a couple of weeks in January, enjoy the transfer window and get excited about the second part of the season. Managers and players would relish the opportunity to assess and improve. It would also help Englands declining representation in European football and may even attract new players to the league.

Could it be done? I don’t know, sadly there’s too much TV money at stake and such a big change would have many obstacles.

Please share your thoughts below on if and how this could be implemented.



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They can Probably keep only FA cup and the Capital one cup in the winter, so clubs can introduce academy and other young players in the team and seniors and first team players can rest and they can kick start premier league with the transfer window strengthening the clubs like you said… but FA and the corporates look at the money flow and decide the fixtures… sadly …


I agree with you both about the fact it’s about revenue, and a break would be beneficial in the winter. I don’t like the January transfer window, all players should be bought in the summer break, then mangers would stand or fall by there chosses, they either make the team tick or they don’t.


I think a 2 week break would be helpful though some clubs would use it to visit far away places for revenue reasons. To create space I would reduce the Premier League to 18 clubs but it will never happen because there are too many vested interests including smaller clubs and TV companies. FA Cup replays could be eliminated but again smaller clubs would complain. Maybe if that came in from round 4 keeping replays up to and including round 3 it would stand a better chance. Also make the Capital One semi one leg on a neutral ground and take a round out of the Europa so it is in line with the Champions’ League. International friendlies could be drastically reduced. There is plenty of time to experiment in the qualifiers against the weaker nations.


For me as a fan its good to see lots of football during january. But looking to the games where the lads get tired in 50 minutes or to see 9 games in 5 weeks just because of some crazy schedule of 2 cups, league games? I rather see my time once a week with thriller game like today where everybody i ready to bleed and go for death. I can more live 2-3 WEeks without watching and knowing the team is working onto get better.
So i agree with winter break


Huytonian basicaly suggested what i was going to, scrap FA cup replays, smaller clubs would still earn big revenue if they were to get a home draw against the bigger clubs and still get to play at the bigger grounds if they get an away draw.

The europa lge is ridiculous, it needs to be trimmed in a big way, cut it down to the same as the CL as huytonian has said.

Capital one semi finals should definitely be on a neutral ground and done with on the night.

Pointless friendly matches can be abolished, how many times have players come back from these stupid games to their clubs with long term injuries as we have suffered recently.

All these changes can only happen if greed is kicked out of the game as all these extra games is all to do with money, there’s enough money in the game without ending some players careers early through injuries.


Unfortunately there are more not fewer internationals in future. UEFA are planning some sort of Nation’s League from I think 2018. Madness!