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It’s been some time since I logged in and I must say I enjoyed Liverpool last season under Klopp especially reaching 2 finals and that lovely ride to the Europa Cup one. Yes we lost to Sevilla 3-1 but it was because of our own mental capabilities and not because of skill and technique. If we kept a rational mind and played as we did Dortmund and Villarreal, I’m sure we would have clinched it but never mind, maybe it was a shock to the players, reaching 2 important finals (especially the Europa Cup one) after so long under Brendan (remember that Real Madrid CL lost under Brendan and the circumstances involved?). They say you never win the final immediately. As proven by how many times it took Klopp to get Mainz promoted and Dortmund to win the Bundesliga, and we have heard the circumstances where they failed by 1 goal or 1 point, I can see why Klopp was so resillient when we collapsed in Basel. But as everyone said, it was a mental collapse. It was not the Liverpool that we know. It was not the Liverpool that bear Dortmund, nor the one that played “power” football against Villarreal at Anfield.

So that brings it nicely to what I think we have to do in 2016/7. Forget Gotze. From the moment we lost all the keys to European football with even a lottery into the Champions League, it was clear that we were not going to get the best players. Add to that, we now have Pep Guardiola and Antonio Conte coming here and Mourinho at Manure. And they say Sevilla’s boss wanted to come to Everton this season but Koeman took care of that. Maybe he might find another club. I can say that the new season will see such a coming together of so many great managers as haven’t been seen before.

But I digress. What I really wanted to say was if we could play the twin striker approach and go on all out attacking football as we did under Brendan in 2014/5 which I am sure will get us into top 4 because that is what we Liverpudlians love. You know we have England’s best striker at Anfield. So why don’t we get England’s 2nd best striker and I don’t mean Harry Kane. Pay whatever it takes to bring Vardy to Anfield. It’s Leicester City, anyway! I know Klopp’s 4-2-3-1 formation but I think he really has to forego this and be a little bit more flexible if we want CL this season. We didn’t score 100 goals and finished 2nd under Brendan for nothing and no, I don’t think its because of Luis Suarez either. We’ve spent ages trying to fix our defense and worrying about set pieces and it never works. So why don’t we go back to the old, tried and tested and proven method of 2014/5 under BR and go for all out attacking “score more goals than we concede” football with a twin striker combo and try to beat our 100 goal record. I can assure you that on the way, we will be getting Champions League football too.

So for that twin striker suggestion, I am going for this :-


Clyne    Lovren      Sakho    Matip


Sadio Mane (pay the 40 million, he’s worth it)              Firminho           Coutinho

Vardy (pay the 30 million, he’s worth it)                Sturridge

I am convinced of it. The team above is going to take us to the CL no matter what Guardiola or Mourinho does.


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Good to read someone so positive. I think the defeat against Sevilla has cast a shadow over the close season for us Reds but its right to remember also the high points of last season – we can beat anyone on our day, we just have to be more consistent. .

I have to disagree over some of your selections however. Matip is a right footed central defender standing 6 foot 4 inches tall so I can’t see him playing left back. We need a new quality, experienced specialist left back to challenge Moreno.

I’d be happy with Mane but he’s not worth £40 million or the £120,000 a week it is rumoured he would want as wages especially as I don’t think he would be an automatic starter – he would have to compete with the much improved Lallana.

Much as I like Vardy he won’t be coming to Liverpool. If we were to play 2 up front what about Sturridge and Origi?


Interesting that you don’t include our captain or vice captain (who by the way was our real POY last season) in you lineup.
I think Matip is a CB and we will see how he partners with Lovren/Sahko.
We need a defensive LB more than anything as Moreno was the fault for game changing goals in both Cup Finals losses. I wouldn’t spend 40 mil on Mane when we have Lallana and Ojo, but I’d theoretically spend it on Ricardo Rodriguez if we had the money to spend because I think that would bring more impact and improvement per investment.