Just read an article on Tony Evans thoughts on Klopp’s contract extension.  Just curious your thoughts on the matter. 

Here’s a short extract of his piece:

“It is not going too far to say the owners are infatuated with the manager. Being in love with the German is fine on the Kop; in the boardroom, it’s more dangerous. Liverpool’s era of success was built on hard-eyed, sometimes brutal, footballing Darwinism. The new contract offer suggests accountability is no longer in vogue at Anfield.

“It is also a boneheaded business move. Klopp was already paid in the region of £7 million per year and the earliest negotiations for an extension would have taken place at most clubs would be next summer, when the German had a year left on his contract plus the option of another 12 months. That would have given the owners – and the manager – a chance to see whether there were real signs of progression and whether the honeymoon mood will continue.” 


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Reading the extract above, it’s very negative and i’d rather concentrate on the possitive, it’s a great thing that klopp has committed for so long, of course it could all go ti**s up and he could get the sack next season but i very much doubt that scenario will arise.


Totally agree Warrior. The danger is not that Klopp will be a failure but that someone else will take him off us (German National Team?). Tying him for 6 years gives him time to develop the club in his image and if the worst comes to the worst at least we would get significant financial compensation.


I hope the deal in this contract gives him full control with no interference and he gets the final say of who comes in and who goes out.

Klopp is the perfect fit for Liverpool FC and a manager in his caliber is exactly what we have needed. Liverpool FC is a very passionate family club to all the Supporters at home and abroad. The words in one of his post match interviews “We say when it’s over” after the West Brom game (I think) is so passionate from a football man like Klopp.


All too often we see managers get the sack for players who do not perform on the pitch. We have got someone with a track record of building a team and with us being so far away from winning the league, we can’t afford to sit on the fence any longer! So it makes sense to go all in and give him the time and support to see if he can do it. The club has been losing its stature for a while now, no matter how we feel or hate to admit it, but last season we played some good football and got to 2 finals which is a sign that Klopp is getting alot out of an inherited squad and periods of a thin squad due to the number of injuries. There is the downside that if it all goes balls up then we’re out a big payout but I personally feel that the potential benefits far exceed the risk of that happening.


Let’s not forget even Klopp agreed for the contract extension, he is not someone who will agree for something without any vision or a sense of purpose, the owners know that the Managers at Klopp Level will need more funds compare to Klopp – to be successful, when the supporters, owners and the coaching stuff are in complete sync and know what we need, why do we have to think twice to commit …. I am absolutely happy with this extension, let’s be patient and keep supporting that’s all we could do and I am sure things will fall in place… 😎