Hey All,

Thought it was about time I posted here, been far too long!

Disappointing result against Palace but no great shock, as is often the case our young team struggled when a game really mattered. Hopefully this is something that will fade away in time.

Anyway I wont linger on it, Vicarage Road is the next destination for the reds as the push for the top four continues. Adam Lallana and Daniel Sturridge will return to full training on Friday so there’s a good chance Lallana at least will play some part on Monday.

Thanks as always for being here folks, hope everyone is well ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. warrior18

    Ah ha, there you jay, was wondering if you were still breathing ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ .
    Less said about the palace game the better, big setback, reckon we have to win our last 4 games now to stand any chance of getting that 4th spot.
    I think the watford game was always the target for lallana’s return so if he’s back training then he starts for me, we don’t have time to ease him back in.
    Think we all know sturridge is gone this summer but if he’s fit, hilarious that, then i would maybe start him ahead of Origi who hasn’t done anything to keep his place, sturridge needs to put himself in the shop window so we may get a bit more effort from him, worth the gamble imo.

    1. Huytonian

      It’s good that Sturridge and Lallana are back in full training but I wouldn’t start two players who are short of match fitness. If Lallana is deemed ready to start then I would bring him in at the expense of Lucas and have Sturridge ready to bring on as a sub in the second half. Incidentally did anyone else see Flanno giving Zaha a hard time in the Burnley v Palace game? Good to see the boy back in action and on good form.

      1. warrior18

        I think sturridge will come on from the bench too mate, i just feel if he can start then why not, i reckon he’ll be very eager to do well seen there’s a good chance he’ll be of this summer so he’ll be out to prove he still has what it takes, he “could” be the ace up our sleeve for these last few games.
        Didn’t see the palace v burnley game but will watch MoTd tonight to see Flanno in action ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  2. RedUncle

    I believe Watford have won their last three matches without conceding, although they were against poor opposition. Like with Palace, on paper we should be too much for them but it depends if LFC are switched on or not. I still can’t quite believe the collective performance against Palace so I don’t know how worried to be about this game. One thing is for sure, the pressure on the team has now ratcheted up another level with ten or twelve points being almost essential from the remaining fixtures. Can this current squad handle such pressure? I really don’t know.

    1. warrior18

      I don’t think the pressure is the problem, i think it’s more to do with the quality we have of which we have 4 maybe 5 quality players but none in our defence imo, maybe matip but the jury is still out on him for me.
      We really need to up our goal difference so we need to get those scoring boots on, i think we’re +2 right now, monday night will tell us how badly they want CL football next season.

      1. RedUncle

        As much as Sam Allardyce annoys me he was right in identifying the weakness in our system. As our fullbacks are so attacking they leave large areas vacant either side of the centrebacks. This means compared to other centrebacks ours have to cover a large area of the pitch at times and this is being exploited by opponents. We know Klopp has identified this as an issue because he’s tried two things to address this – firstly, we’ve seen both Henderson and Lucas drop between the centrebacks on occasions, essentially making a back three, and secondly, reverting to an orthodox back three, either before or during games. The reason I point this out is because I think we have to be careful when attributing blame to our centrebacks for mistakes made in what is clearly an evolving system. It’s not always instantly apparent whether a mistake was due mainly to an individual error or forced because of a weakness in the system.

        What annoyed me about the Palace match, though, was that we got the whole approach to the game wrong, be it in the mentality of all the players or in how we planned to limit Benteke. That has now put undue pressure on these remaining games where the team HAS to perform on the day, there’s no more room for inconsistencies, and there’s a big question mark over whether we’re capable of that.

  3. lanoisseforp

    Both Manchester clubs dropped points with their draws against Swansea and Middles borough. We are still in third place and this is our best chance to go out and win the remaining games that has 12 points on the table and finish off with 78 points. City and Arsenal also can reach 78 points but we should take third place due to a better goal difference. Manure only can finish at 77 points but it will rule them out of the top four. We suffered a horrible set back against Palace so let’s take 4 bulls by the horns and get those 12 points.

    1. RedUncle

      With everyone having played the same number of games we now sit in third, level on points and goal difference as Man City in fourth. After our cock-up against Palace we have been handed a golden reprieve, one I very much doubted we’d get. To say the result against Watford is important now would be an understatement, a win would put us on the path to finishing third or fourth. The question is which Liverpool will turn up on Monday?

      1. Jamie (admin) Post author

        Looking at that league table it could not be closer. With Liverpool having played the extra games it’s been somewhat deceiving these last few weeks, it’s also piled the pressure on us a bit which doesn’t bode well at Anfield.

  4. Simply Red

    Don’t know if rivals dropping points is going to be a huge confidence booster or a massive attack of nervousness. Almost time to kik off let’s see which team pitches and pray there’s no further injuries

  5. warrior18

    Great round of results for us topped of with our win tonight, a worldie from Can and although we weren’t great it was a solid enough performance. We took full advantage of the wkend’s results and that’s vital, saints next at home and we owe them one bigtime from the lge cup, i reckon revenge is gonna be sweet.

  6. RedUncle

    In all honesty we had enough possession and decent shots on target to have won that more convincingly, the final score flattered Watford a little. It’s interesting how much Can and Lucas are driving the side at the moment, perhaps that’s because of all of the injuries to our attackers recently. Matip and Lovren were much consistent, thank God, and Mignolet was rock solid, yet again. The only thing that worries me is that we’re doing just about enough to get results and we’re facing Southampton and West Ham next – two sides we’ve struggled with in recent seasons. At least Coutinho’s injury wasn’t serious.

    1. warrior18

      How good does migs look now, i know it’s all basic stuff and he’s doing what goal keeper’s should be doing but a couple of months ago he was a calamity. Now, he’s making big saves and catching every cross into his box, he just looks so much more confident, he’s commanding his box and it’s great to see, proving a lot of doubters wrong and i include myself in that, delighted for him.

      1. Huytonian

        Migs looks a different player from the nervy keeper of the past. The way he has been playing recently I would put him on a par with Lloris, with only Courtois and DeGea ahead of him. Lucas and Can are playing well which may have something to do with them being fresher than many of their team mates. Firmino and Wijnaldum who have played a lot of games look a bit jaded though with Firmino I understand he is also carrying an injury. With Lallana back and Coutinho hopefully not badly injured perhaps he could be given a rest against the Saints. Sturridge also looked quite sharp and maybe he could come in for Origi who is also looking tired.

      2. RedUncle

        The interesting thing with Mignolet is that since he returned to the first team it’s not just his keeping that’s improved, his personality has become more bullish too. If you see what he posts on the internet and what he says in interviews, it’s more confident and strident than it used to be. I would put money on the fact that while he was strengthening the weaknesses in his game he was also working with a sports psychologist because half of his issues have always been psychological. What we’re seeing now is a more complete keeper and it doesn’t look like it’s a passing phase, which is great to see.

  7. DB-99

    A win was an absolute must and that’s what we got so can’t complain. Watford was very poor in attack. There was some really good build up play in parts of the game but that little bit of quality in the final ball or finish was lacking. Hopefully Coutinho isn’t too badly hurt. It’s good to see Sturridge and Lallana back. Sturridge played well for the 10 minutes he came on for.