The above are tough matches. Watford, Bournemouth and Leicester all seem to have settled down pretty well in the new upper tier Premier League and they have been playing the English style ’10 players behind the ball’ and swift counter attack pretty well. They have taken down some Premier League ‘giants’ and Leicester and Vardy really are on a fairy tale run. It will be our turn to take them on pretty soon but judging from Klopp’s pre-Watford interview, he seems to have understood the strengths of these teams pretty much mentioning what I have said above.

But with Watford, Leicester and West Ham coming up, I think the lads will have pretty much a huge dose of crunching English tackles and bodies behind the ball and “ball hoofing” and with Leicester, the counter attacking could be deadly.

All that coming for a feisty Christmas feast of football followed by a vital Europa League game against an extremely good technical German team, Augsburg. But what do we have? Jurgen Klopp so expect him to make good tactics against a team whose style he should be pretty familiar with.

Can we make top 4 ? I don’t know, but with events happening rapidly after Mourinho’s mutual termination and Pep Guardiola not renewing his contract at Bayern, next season could see a shift in power (or probably a strengthening of what already is). However I don’t see any significant changes in the football level this season so if Manure continue their downtrend, we could get top 4.

I don’t know how much Leicester is going to fall or if they are going to fall (I think they might go down a few notches, yes) but Arsenal and Man City continue to look strong. And then there’s Tottenham.

I think for the Premier League, I’ll wait till the new year starts to start predictions if we’ll make it to top 4 and we would know what the results of our 4 PL games are. I also hope we stay strong in the Europa but the competition will be tougher as we prod on and the CL clubs start dropping down to the Europa tier. Of course winning the CapitalOne Cup would be a tremendous boost to Jurgen and the lads.


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Don’t know much about Augsburg, but the rest of the teams can frustrate us till the last whistle is blown, they won’t allow us to play like we want to, I think by now the Gaffer is well aware of it, early goals will play vital role in all these fixtures, we can’t give corners and free kicks to them, every **** team is good at set pieces mate… hopefully we are going to defend better, I would still play with two strikers, Origi and Benteke, keep questioning those defenders and we will get the opportunities, don’t want to get into numbers, this season is pretty much about giving time to the new manager and players figuring out the right combinations, I will just wait and support the team, it is a very crucial time, although Klopp has said he won’t be signing any strikers, these fixtures and the results might change things, let us see…


By looking at the teams you have mentioned and yes these are going to be really tough games. They are coming thick and fast especially this week into next over the Christmas period. If we can get the maximum points today and the next one at home to Leicester then we should be close to the top four. Meanwhile let’s worry about today’s game and focus the next one later on.


1 pt from 3 games; not looking forward to much Xmas cheer this year! Hope Klopp & LFC team can surprise me with a win and that will do for my C’mas pudding! 😉