I’m sharing a link which cfleejjb gave me in one of the comments to my post which makes for very interesting reading where Stan Collymore expresses his doubt about us making top 4. Here it is for those who haven’t read it yet : http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2016/07/31/stan-collymore-doubts-liverpool-are-good-enough-for-top-four/

 This is the famous quote from the article : ““I had that player,” Klopp said. “If you have had players, you know more about them. You want to learn about other players. That’s how it is. I knew quite early that he was going this way (to Old Trafford). There was absolutely no reason for me to jump in there. That isn’t how we work.”

“We didn’t look for players we had already worked with. If you do that, you know their good, their bad and you wonder whether you will do it again. It’s not boring but you know everything about each other so how can you develop? Where is the next step? Where is the next push for development?” he added.

I’ve  read the article and I can’t really figure Jurgen Klopp out. He said he won’t sign Mkhirtayan because he’s worked with him before (?) and knows everything that he needs to know and he prefers to work with new players because he hasn’t worked with them before? What kind of reasoning is that? Of course it is better that you work with players you already know their strengths and weaknesses then you know where to put them in their proper place. From what I see, Mourinho and Pep are going in the OPPOSITE direction buying top players with all the money the world can buy whereas Klopp prefers to build another Dortmund. Don’t forget the target for us and JK is to get CL THIS YEAR and not 3 years from now and he finished 9th in the PL performing worst than Brendan. How much longer do we have to wait? The more I see Klopp’s way of thinking, the more I see him as a young coach building young teams just like Brendan. Klopp only got success from Dortmund so he  is not as experienced as Mourinho or Pep. I can’t see why Liverpool signed him for 6-years when he has only yet to get started and we don’t know his capabilities yet. Or we DO know his capabilities in what he did to Dortmnd and in getting us to the 2 finals but I think that was through pure motivation which cannot be argued is his forte. What I can see in JK is that he prefers to work with new, young players and prefers team play rather than individualism which is okay, but you shouldn’t neglect top players too.

Mkhirtayan is definitely a good player and it could also be interpreted that what JK meant was he also knows the negative side of Mkhirtayan also and thus feels he is not suitable for his Reds squad…I don’t know.

However, on JK’s side, he has got us to two finals in his first partial season in-charge and beating the likes of Dortmund (his old former club itself which is by no means a simple feat) and Villarreal and we SHOULD have had Sevilla in the bag had the players NOT HAD a collective nervous breakdown out there on the pitch. I cannot argue with that but I must admit I cannot see the logic in some of JK’s reasoning and he really did proclaim that he is really satisfied with what he has now and seems to be proud to have the current lads as his squad. Well okay, but lets see what happens when we take on Manure’s best eleven also. I also am not satisfied with our Chelsea result because we did not field a lot of our best players but I guess I have to wait till the PL game before REALLY seeing the strongest Liverpool squad taking on the strongest Chelsea squad.

Looking at JK’s current squad now, I guess I can say it was the best JK can do with the constraints he had but I have several opinions:

1. I would pick Mignolet over Karius anytime but Klopp seems to be the opposite

2. Still worried about our results when Moreno plays LB because we don’t know at what point in the match, he might do a howler. And from past results, its more likely he does a howler the more important and crucial the match gets! And Klopp’s still sticking with him!

3.After seeing Origi’s brilliance (again) against AC Milan – and I still recall his incredible goals against Dortmund – I would say that I am REALLY VERY HAPPY with Sturridge and Origi as our strikers. Now how about playing both upfront and see what happens? Although I think Klopp has done that once or twice before last season.

4. That AC Milan game showed such a smilarity to Brendan Rodger’s Liverpool with too many excessive passes and  passes back to the GK and a tendency to play to the left flank because James Milner is there as LB in the first half. I mean passing is OK … football is a passing team game as said Klopp… but when the ball is up there in the final third…its passed back again and then passed to the other side. I’m sure this is Klopp’s way of finding holes in the opponent’s defense but why don’t you attack and go for goal?  As Ribery said when he was commenting on his former coach Pep, football is just the simple job of bringing the ball highest up the pitch in the fastest possible manner and then trying to find the right moment for the shot. The more times you shoot at goal, the higher the chances of it going in, that’s plain probability theory. But if we pass and pass and pass, we lose a lot of time and thus the no of times to shoot at goal goes down and the goal probability goes down too. That is why Leicester City was so successful last season as they dominated in terms of the longest passes. As soon as they win the ball back, they play the longest passes in counterattacks for Vardy, Mahrez and Okizaki to chase and they are some of the fasterst sprinters in the PL. Just think what would happen if Real Madrid decided to use Ronaldo and Bale that way (let’s hope they don’t!)

5. Firminho still unimpressed me in the AC Milan game although he happened to be in the right place at the right time for the second goal

6. I noticed a lot of occassions when passes were overhit and too fast for players like Sadio Mane on the flanks when we had openings and wasted a lot of our chances that way. I know Sadio Mane would have truly arrived at Liverpool, if our players can give the right amount of weight to passes and through balls for Mane to chase because he is one of the fastest runners around. I want to see more one-on-one between Sadio Mane and the opponent’s GK.

7. Sheyi Ojo is the brightest young star we could be seeing in the Reds squad and I really hope he can feature in lots of games for us in the PL!

8. Studge was disappointing but them again, I do not dare to talk down this man because he can spring a surprise goal at any moment…that’s the beauty of Studge.  I really do hope Jurgen Klopp can utilize Sturridge and Origi as twin strikers up front.

Here’s my tream for the new season:


Clyne (Klavan)         Lovren              Sakho (Matip)            Milner

          Can (Wijnaldum)                 Hendo (Grukic)

Mane (Ojo)            Origi        Sturridge        Coutinho

I would really love to see the eleven above take on Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Man City, Manure, Bayern, Dortmund and Chelsea (again) in the International Champions Tournament before the PL starts. The ICT is great because we would have very little possibility of watching Reds play against top CL team if not for it but at least put up my selection above for our Barcelona game this 6 Aug and let’s see what happens.  Can’t wait.

What would your Reds team and formation be like?


Sorry, I had to change the title just a bit after finding out about our AS Roma loss. NOW I’m really thinking we might not make top 4 with Jurgen’s way of thinking. Will comment after I see the game on Youtube now…


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I wouldn’t read anything much into the Roma result. Our first half team looked sharp going forward but yet again we were let down by the final ball. Defensively we were all over the place mainly caused by a lack of protection from midfield. Can can be excused for a poor game as it was his first playing time but the lack of an experienced specialist dmf is a bit of a worry. The less said about the second half team the better.

I’m fairly confident we will score goals in the coming season but less confident about our defending. Its a great shame that Matip and Sakho have been injured as I’m sure the idea was for them to be the first choice centre backs.


Take preseason with a pitch of salt, any games where you field a different side before and after halftime are not going to be representative of a real league game. At the moment Klopp is working out the deficiencies in the side more than anything else, seeing what has to be tweaked before the league starts. Results will be a secondary consideration to him right now.

With regard to top players, it’s worth keeping in mind that if Klopp goes head to head with United, City, Chelsea or Arsenal for a player he will almost certainly lose due to their greater financial clout and European football. It appears that Klopp is not even attempting to target the same players as these teams but instead choosing to sign players he believes he can improve or that can fulfill a specific function. Whether that turns out to be the correct approach will only be known at the end of the season.


My 3 concerns about the preseason is 1)Injuries to Gomez, Sakho and Matip. 2) Hope we sell all the excess players we have and 3) Lack of activity in signing a LB. As for Mkhitaryan, we already have Mane, Coutinho, Lallana and Firmino. We certainly do not need another expensive attacking midfielder. For strikers, Studge, Ings and Origi are good enough and I’d include Benteke in there if we can’t sell him. As for the team results, I think we can only get an idea if Klopp’s methods are working after the first 10 games of the PL. For now, we have to be patient and let them work, get fit and iron out all the wrinkles. That’s what pre-season is for.


I personally see no reason to panic or even get worries…
what we need is consistency, we need to pick up from where we left last season..although we lost out in two finals (Bear in mind we did get that far) we were doing very well..i was more worried about us losing valuable players rather than getting new ones..
Pre-season is preseason and as Klop himself stated that it is just training and also went far as saying if we won all the preseason games then there is something wrong with his approach…he was not using the pre season to win games but to train and sharpen our players in the positions he wants them in….Strikers are more effective if the positioning and understanding between all the players moving forward is clear..
There has been a lot of talk about Moreno and his slip ups (Ooops) but hey who knows he may bounce back and do well…others have..
BUT the proof is in the pudding..until the season starts we wil never know whether panic/worry was indeed necessary or not……either way i cant wait for the season to kick off and hope for a nice win against the gunners…