I’m gonna keep this short as it’s obvious what we need to do. If ever there was a must win game then this is it, i’m confident we’ll beat middlesborough on the last day so this game is the season definer in my opinion. 

My team for sunday would be, 


                                                                                        clyne     matip   lovren   milner

                                                                                        wijnaldum       Can    lallana

                                                                                        firmino     sturridge   coutinho

For me, sturridge simply has to start, he changed the game against the saints and he was only on the pitch for not even 15minutes, even if he only last’s an hour he will be a far bigger goal threat than Origi, a must start and lallana is the same, must start. Biggest game of our season i feel and nothing less than 3 points will do, the very best of luck RedMen.


  1. lanoisseforp

    Arsenal are going to make a last chance ditch to get that fourth spot (they beat Southampton 2-0 last night) which they could end up getting it (I rather them than scum). This game is the most important game of the season for us… 3 points is required and anything less then it’s over for us. I agree with your team selection Warrior and Danny must start… I would put Can in center midfield and put Lallana and Wijnaldum on either side. I like to put Lucas instead of Can… I am not sure with that one. However, our defense needs to be on their toes when it comes to their aerial threat from set pieces. Again this is must win game for us and I hope Klopp gets his substitutions right on 60, 65 and 70 minutes to allow the subs to warm into the game and they could create magic for us. It’s a game I dread with stress.

    1. warrior18 Post author

      Can CM of course lanno, changed it. Arsenal are having a very strong finish and that’s a worry, we just have to mind our own buisiness and win our last two games and then it doesn’t matter what they do, easier said than done i know.

  2. RedUncle

    I agree with most of what’s been said but I would like to include Lucas for the simple reason most of these players probably won’t have experienced such a pressured match as this. Lucas and Milner are the only real old campaigners in our squad and if things aren’t going our way we’re going to need some level heads, especially in and around defence. Remember against Crystal Palace when we threw away the league? Yes, some players may be better than Lucas but don’t underestimate the value of experience in these circumstances. Personally, and this may be controversial, I’d have Lucas in the holding role, Can and Lallana as the other midfielders and Wijnaldum on the bench. Wijnaldum’s had a habit of going missing in matches recently so I don’t think subbing him is unfair. He’s also a pretty strong player to bring off the bench and he can play in attacking roles if needs be, like he did at Newcastle.

    1. warrior18 Post author

      I can understand your thinking with the experience of lucas and milner but i have to argue against lucas, we simply cannot take the risk of him committing one of his totally needless fouls around our box area, this game is too big to risk that and let’s face it. he’s a 7-8 out of 10 to commit that foul, Can in the middle of our midfield all day long for me mate.
      It looks like firmino may not be starting going by reports so maybe klopp might be thinking of starting studge and Origi which i wouldn’t have a problem with,

  3. ickyuk

    I am not so worried about this game, west ham went at tottenham and got a result. They wont park the bus and that favours us, they are safe so an open game to try and turn us over is on the cards.They have nothing to lose.I think he will start Origi and keep studge back if they tire. We need to raise our energy levels more than we did against soouthampton. Lallana is a shoe in as Lucas hasnt trained all week. 2-0 to the reds.

  4. Huytonian

    After Arsenal’s win last evening at Stoke a win in this game now becomes critical. Having watched West Ham’s win against Spurs I think it’s going to be very difficult. I agree that Sturridge should start and also Lucas if fit as Wijnaldum has offered little of late. I can’t say I’m optimistic but Liverpool in the past have often pulled off good results when they weren’t expected to and hopefully this is one of those occasions.

      1. Huytonian

        We had a bit of luck on a couple of occasions but so did West Ham as we hit the bar 3 times. I thought Sturridge made a big difference and we looked much more threatening than of late. Just a pity he is always getting injured. Hopefully we will buy a proper striker in the summer as a 20 goal a season man would make a huge difference to our team.

  5. lanoisseforp

    Fantastic result even though we had luck (handball incident) and survived a few hairy moments. Origi should had passed that ball to Sturridge to make it 5-0. Our 6 trips to London has been fantastic and we took 16 points (5 wins and 1 draw) this season. I am going to enjoy this victory for the evening 😀

  6. warrior18 Post author

    This is the result that gets us at least that 4th spot as i’m very confident that we’ll beat borough next sunday. Didn’t think it was a fantastic performance, it was our usual have most of the possession game but the difference was we created a lot more chances and we took 4 of them, brilliant.
    I think we should definitely keep sturridge, he made a big difference against the saints when he came on and he could have scored at least two today had Origi not went for glory, studge had a tap in there.
    I can’t wait for this transfer window to open, i think we’re in for a couple of very nice surprises 😎

  7. RedUncle

    When we started the game we were just passing the ball along the back line at a snail’s pace and I thought it was going to be one of those days where we have all of the possession and no penetration. The impact of Sturridge can’t be underestimated though. He was constantly making those runs off the defender’s shoulder giving the likes of Coutinho, Lallana and Origi a proper target to pass to. I think Sturridge’s confident movement gave the aforementioned three confidence to make runs themselves and Sturridge turned provider. It was interesting how after the first goal went in our pace of play noticeably increased. It just goes to show how a centre forward with a bit of pace and genuinely creative, and well-timed, movement was the missing piece of the puzzle. If we don’t retain Sturridge next season we at least need a replacement with a similar degree of attacking intelligence and that’s going to cost.

    On a side note, Joe Hart let in five today (on top of shocking stats for the rest of the season). I would bet my house on the fact we can’t get a top level keeper to come to Liverpool next season who is doing any better than Mignolet has been doing for months.

    1. Huytonian

      I don’t think there can be any truth in rumours of our interest in Joe Hart. He makes some great saves but he makes too many errors and his distribution isn’t great. Mignolet has done enough for me to keep his place for next season.

  8. OldSage

    I wonder why it took so long for Klopp to try that formation, move the count to a deeper no. 8 role and pair Sturridge with Origi as the two forwards. As I remember, they worked well together earlier in the season. Whatever, I hope he retains the formation and personnel for next week. Sturridge looked sharp hey? YNWA.