Being a resident of the US of A, and Buffalo, NY in particular, I get what compares to snippets of information compared to residents of Liverpool.  So I have a question – what is going on between Klopp and Sturridge?  Origi (a rookie as we say in the US) replacing him as first choice?  Not being the obvious first choice after Origi goes down (on an appalling foul)?  Sturridge not starting today but on the bench?  SOMETHING is going on, even a far sighted oldie but goodie can see that.  Work habits, attitude, selfishness, something is wrong with the Sturridge/Klopp relationship!  Come on guys, tell the Sage what the problem is – if you know or at least suspect.  Now to the game –  should have been 0 – 0, instead we are down a goal.  If we let the Yellow Submarine score an away goal, we have to beat them by 2 goals.  Hard road to hoe, but my money is on LFC! YNWA! (Never would have said that last year)


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Must be something, cause when Sturidge is on form he is always a threat


I think it’s shocking that sturridge didn’t start or at least play an hour in this game. We’ve nothing to play for in the lge as such and studge has been scoring of late. We needed an away goal in order to pile the pressure on them but now the pressure is all on us next thursday, to compound the frustration he brings on benteke with two minutes to go, what the hell was that all about.
Awful performance and an awful match, they were there for the taking tonight, i hope we don’t regret not scoring an away goal.


If there is nothing going on between Sturridge and Klopp, the only logic is that, he is preserving him for the second leg, if he does not play him for the second leg then yeah, we can forget about Sturridge next season, I sincerely hope both Klopp and Sturridge can be professional enough to work together for LFC if they can’t then both are at fault because no body is bigger than the Club.


One would normally suspect he has some type of injury. He has played too many games in a row for us without an injury


Here was another thought I had at halftime. I wanted him to come on around the 60-70 minute mark (as the game thread shows) because I thought both Firmino and especially Coutinho were less than stellar.
At that time I also thought it was a good thing he didn’t play in the first half because he would have been wasted as there was NO service from the midfield.
Once Coutinho left at the half and was replaced by Ibe that wasn’t going to improve in the second half much.
It looked like a draw was in the cards and we weren’t going to create enough for Sturridge to take advantage of it. So why waste him?
With Milner and Ibe Benteke probably did make more sense as a target for a cross as time ran down


Klopp has said Sturridge is still building up his strength and fitness after his long injury absences. While still thinking it was a mistake not to introduce him at half-time on Thursday I’m willing to accept that what Klopp says is the truth and that there is no particular problem between him and the player.