That exercise by Jurgen Klopp of playing our youths in the FA Cup has come up with a few promising players which I feel we should play them in the senior squad because a better youth/senior mix would make the team better. With top 4 out of reach and only the Europa Cup remaining pending our final with Man City at Wembley for CapitalOne, I would say we now have to see how the quality of our squad and our new manager shape out in going as far as we can in the Europa.

Can we win it, the Europa Cup ? Well, I would like to start by naming by optimum squad and feel free to name me yours and lets hope JK keeps jumping at them from the sidelines urging them on.

My optimum squad/eleven is :


Clyne(Flana),   Lovren(Skrtel),   Sakho(Caulker),   Brad

Can(Milner)  Lucas(Hendo)

Firminho  Origi(Lallana)  Coutinho



GK – Mig is definitely the choice for this. Excellent saves in many games although some soft goals especially that Sunderland one which sneaked through near post. But he went back to being excellent at West Ham.

BACK FOUR – I definitely do not want to see Moreno at LB anymore. He is jumpy, would not hesitate to jump in with a tackle without thinking about the consequences (hence that penalty) and most of all, his crosses are …. lousy. Now, if he does that solo run on the left and scores (like he did when he just joined) more often, I’d have second thoughts. But I think its time for Moreno to move on. Clyne is very fast on the right and reliable but if he’s injured, we have Flana.

HOLDING MIDFIELD – We have very four solid defensive and reliable players to choose from now that a lot of players have come back from injury. And I meant Emre Can, Lucas, Hendo & Milner. Having to pick 2 HM, I would give priority to Emre Can and Lucas simply because both of them make a lot of penetrating forward passes with more attacking intent while the others make more sideways and backward passes (more defense minded).

FRONTLINE – The first thing I want to say about our frontline (consisting of attack minded midfielders and strikers/forwards) is that the one with most bite, flair and skill to breakdown stubborn defenses and they absolutely MUST consist of BOTH the 2 oustanding Brazillians that we have – Firminho and Coutinho. They understand each other intimately (of course) and can create something out of nothing. Great to have you back Cou and Firminho has had a lot of game time to polish himself.

So that leaves the third AM/wing which I would give to Divock Origi. Now you may say that its a strange choice but Divock is striker minded and I choose him over Lallana because its not easy to win the ball of him and he can score goals unlike Lallana. That said, I also have on the back of my mind, Shenji Oyo.

And of course in front, is Sturridge.

Well, that’s the lineup I would put for Europa and to win the CapitalOne as well with my reasons. I would like to know what you all would propose.


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I understand Flanagan and Smith were left out of the Europa squad though I am mystified as to why, so we are stuck with Moreno as left back. I hope Smith gets games in the PL as we need to see whether he has the potential to become first choice. I’m not sure what the plan is if Clyne or Moreno are injured – all very strange!

Apparently JK has not registered Flanno for the Europa, so he will not be there in the squad mate…, we can win Europa but defense need to tighten up, if Sunderland and West Ham can smash and grab using set pieces, so will other teams, the only way we can win matches in Europa is to have a minimum of 2.5 average goals per game… which is achievable if the front line stays fit through out the tournament…. As far as Benteke, if we can get our investment back sell him, he will suit teams like Chelsea… but not us, saw him in match begging for through passes after he wins the ball and moves forward but he must remember the opposition is also watching that…he will be crowded by the time he could finish and he is never in a position to smash it and find the net… when he does get into the position and there are no defenders he does not finish…. so we are sorry BigBen that pretty much sums up your LFC season…. Personally I am not disappointed that we got out of the FA cup, we were not going to make a big impact… Read more »

Ezzo, you rascal, good to see you on mate. 😎
My team,
On the bench, migs, skrtel, allen, benteke, Origi, teixeira.
Not bad eh ezzo 😎