We have lost 18 points to teams that are struggling to get a point every week, it does not take a football genius to rectify this, all I want as a supporter, is to see this rectified or signs of great improvement in this season, I am not too concerned about top 4 or for that matter top 6, we should be really naive to expect success in England and Europe with the current squad whose  inability to adapt tactically when the chips are down is dreadfully evident.

Last season we had issues with set pieces and goal keeper, was it solved this season, a BIG ***** NO, we have only upgraded our issues, now teams can counter us and score a goal or two more compare to last season. Why did we stick with Sturridge, A Moreno,  Lucas Lieva, Simon Mignolet .What was Gruijic transfer all about? the kid shifted from Serbia to England, that’s all he did and stayed injured through out the season. Injuries were a concern last season and it still is with lesser fixtures and more rest.

Except adding Mane to the attack, what have we done, absolutely nothing, I know Adam Lallana, Henderson , Gini W are playing really well, but they can only take us this far with our attack less creative against teams who like to play deep in their own halves.

Roberto Firminho is missing from a long time now, you might say why can’t we play Origi, trust me klopp has already tried, Origi looses the ball quite often and he is not as good as Firminho when it comes to winning the ball, although he is a great finisher compare to Firminho.

The puzzle can be solved, although it should have been solved in the summer window, the reason why it did not happen is because Klopp trusted his style of play and the existing squad way too much. FSG only looks at the balance sheet, for them LFC is just a big shop at the FENWAY SPORTS GROUP, as far as they are concerned it’s a smooth sailing, don’t expect them to be even remotely passionate about the game like supporters, they are business men and they are trained to keep calm and carry on without loosing a cent. 

There has to be a tactical and personnel change if we were to find any kind of success in a season, will FSG, Klopp and most importantly the players realize this.  I hate to say this but we have to wait till the next season, we just wasted a season, where United and City dropped points, Chelsea took full advantage of it and we did not.


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Please no Champions league football next season…not the way we playing now..we will just make fools of ourselves like we did the last time..
cant say what the club will do but something must be done,,,i have said it before and i will say it again WE ARE ONE DIMENSIONAL when it comes to tactics that is why teams who are battling to get points get the better of us…aha we plang Liverpool , we can go for 3 points but a guaranteed 1 point…
Its time we spent the money and bought some proven players in..i hope thats Klops plan…


We certainly lack a 25 goal a season striker who would make a huge difference to our results but our main problem is our defence as it has been for many years without any of our managers being able to solve the problem. Without a strong defence we have no hope of winning anything other than a very occasional cup. Teams with a strong defence can play badly and still pick up points especially with that 25 goal a season striker up front. Last night when we were playing three at the back in the second half 2 of them were midfielders as is Milner. What we need is quality natural defenders in each position and a specialist defensive midfielder. The latter may not be needed in every game but would have been very handy last night especially with Henderson out. I agree we are in no position to compete in the Champions League at the moment and won’t be until these issues are sorted, if that ever happens.

It’s very easy to throw the baby out with the bath water in situations like this and some of the reactions I’ve read on the net have been a little on the hysterical side. However, it’s hard to deny there are structural and managerial issues that must be overcome if we’re going to progress. I can’t help but notice the similarities between how Klopp is handling this season and Brendan Rodger’s first season. When Rodgers started with us he had a very rigid idea of how he wanted to play but it didn’t necessarily suit the capabilities of the squad he inherited. It wasn’t until he realised he would have to be more flexible tactically, and that he’d have to tailor his tactics to the strengths and weaknesses of his players, that he finally found consistency and nearly took us to the title. Klopp also has a very rigid idea of how he wants his team to play and he rarely deviates from his template. The problem is we don’t seem to have the squad depth to sustain his style of play and it only takes a few players to be injured or out of form and we can struggle.… Read more »