There are some good players out there that get linked to your club that sometimes you just cringe over. 

A player who used to play for a hated rival, or someone who is dirty or a diver, or a cheat. Or someone who is a terrible person that you just don’t want associated with the club. 

And this time of year rumours abound and eventually a player who falls into one or more of those categories will be linked with your beloved club. 

And for me, the one I just saw that “is being tracked by LFC and Klopp is a fan off and is having a good Euro…” is Nani from Portugal. 

I never cared for him at Man U as I thought him soft and another in their long line of divers. I thought him overrated and weak.

And who can forget how he reacted when he was fouled by Carra at Anfield?  It was a horrible foul and honestly should have been red instead of yellow.

But when Nani sprinted to get in front of the referee (Phil Dowd if I remember correctly)  and then collapsed like he was shot by an assassin was ridiculous and laughable. I felt embarrassed for him as a person (if he wasn’t a Man U player) who would never want that at my club.

How would you react to a Nani acquisition?  And what players of top class would you absolutely not want and have a tough time supporting if they came to LFC?


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I feel exactly the same as you about Nani mate. The other player I can’t stand is Pepe who is a decent defender but I hate is antics.

Jamie (admin)

Great post! I fully agree on Nani. Evra is an obvious no brainer here too. As good as he is Ronaldo would have to be on there too, he might be one of the world’s greatest players but I couldn’t bear his ego and his constant posing is laughable.

Ibrahimovic would have to go on the list too, even before he’s confirmed as a united player!