Report by the Daily Mirror claims that PSG is willing to offer euro100M or GBP87M for Coutinho. While Coutts has not voiced any desire to depart from Anfield, my worry is whether Fenway Sports Group will eventually make a commercial decision to cash in like they did with Suarez. Cash-rich PSG backed with petro-money has shown they are ready to splash the cash to win their way back to the French Ligue championship


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No chance will they sell the count, there would be uproar at anfield, only way he’ll leave is by himself and he hasn’t hinted that that might be the case. With all the TV money floating around now FSG don’t need to sell their best players in order to buy in and klopp most certainly wouldn’t sanction selling him, won’t happen, at least not this season.


PSG are a rich club but the French League is inferior to the Premier League so why would he want to go? I have a feeling the only place he might go is Barca and there’s little chance of that this summer.


I agree, if Coutinho is as content at Liverpool as he appears to be the only clubs that might be able to tempt him away are the Spanish giants and they don’t appear to be making an obvious effort to do that right now. As good as Coutinho undoubtedly is I’m not sure he’s consistent enough throughout a whole season to get the biggest clubs fighting over him yet. If he has a strong season this time around that could change next summer and we might find it hard to keep hold of him.