Just finished watching the game!  Purchasing Salah this summer was a masterstroke.  Bayern was forced to keep 2 defenders back when they were attacking and along with the keeper, it left 8 men attacking 10 and the keeper.  I know, I know, everybody knows that, but to see it in action and against Bayern.  Our speed up front allows us to partially ‘park the bus’ and defend with two more men than the opposition can afford to send forward.  Every time the back two moved too far forward, we hit them with the counter.  The concern on the face of Ancelotti was something to see – we really scare teams, GOOD teams!  This is going to be one of the more interesting seasons in recent memory (everybody just stay healthy – Daniel).

    Who says Daniel has lost a step?  He continually got behind the Munich back four and should have scored more than the one he converted.  Hope the old bugaboo about injuries does not curtail his season (and he just picked up a dinger).  When you add Daniel to the front four, you almost feel sorry for the opposition – almost!   Gonna quit while I’m ahead before I commit a futbol faux pas and blow the whole thing.   MMM – oops old age flash back, I mean YNWA.


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Opposition managers will have nightmares trying to plan for our front 4. I guess they will try to park even bigger busses but with Salah, Firmino and Mane constantly changing position they are going to have their work cut out even if we can’t catch them on a fast counter attack. I’m more concerned with how we will defend though we have done ok so far in pre-season. I have been Moreno’s biggest critic but I thought his performance last night was his best in a Liverpool shirt. Is there still a chance he will stay at Liverpool I am wondering?