Okay, so I’m putting this out there for all to see.

I’ve been trying to post the last few MM71 Tours of the season (including some MUST SEE selfies!), since the format of our site changed but, for some godforsaken reason, this ‘new-look’ site doesn’t seem to like posts that have a lot of pictures in them. I’ve messaged Jamie, and heard nothing back. It’s beginning to feel like he doesn’t want the tours to continue, which is a crying shame, coz THOSE selfies are AWESOME!!!!

I hope that you take note of this message, Jay.




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Jamie (admin)

Hey muso,

The last message I got from you was on May 10th, which was your brief reply to me saying let me know if you need any help????????????

I guess you’ve sent another message but I’ve never received it. I had noticed you’d uploaded pics but not posted them, I just guess you just had something in draft form you we’re working on.

I’d never ignore you and never in a million years would I like to see an end to the tours, myself and the community really enjoy them. Email me – contact@kopfans.net and I’ll get you fixed up.


I’ve also wanted to post some pics but don’t know how to put them into a blog or comment

Jamie (admin)

I’ll add a video later/tomorrow showing how.

Jamie (admin)